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We Unlocked the Benefit of Home Healthcare

Our commitment is to ensure our clients have the resources and assistance they need to live their everyday lives safely and securely.

Nursing care for the elderly. Physical therapy for the elderly
About Us

We Provide An Ideal Home Environment

Here at Crystal Care Home Health, we strive to provide an ideal home environment. This means we competently respond to your home health care needs and can equal the care traditionally provided in a hospital and translate it into your home environment.

At home, you can be with loved ones round the clock, get support from friends, and be in the comfortable and familiar environment of your residence with the help of our team.

What We Do

Our Core Services

Our home healthcare professionals are committed to delivering the highest caliber of care to our patients. Our services range from skilled nursing to physical and occupational therapy, as well as social services.

Social Worker

Our social workers strive to be a supportive asset to our patients and their families. They equip them with the resources they need to access additional benefits and programs.

Speech Therapy

Our nurses will develop a care plan tailored to address the patient’s language-learning disorder, any communication difficulties, voice issues, and fluency issues.

Home Health Aides

Our Aides offer emotional and psychological comfort to individuals and families affected by chronic or disabling illnesses. We help them manage their difficult situations and find peace.

Primary Home Care

As a person who is unable to perform daily activities, our attendants are there to encourage you and help you complete those daily tasks. The attendant can be assigned by our office staff or as a patient you can bring in your own caregiver.

Personal Care Service

Personal Care Service gives you the patient the opportunity to receive care in your home or community instead of being in a institution. Our personal attendants offer the best care and follow your personal needs.

Veteran Assistance

We feel privileged to be in a position where we can assist veterans in their daily home care needs. We offer an insurance-backed home safety evaluation and create an individualized plan tailored to each person’s unique situation.

Happy senior woman going through her medical data with young nurse at residential care home.

Personal Assistant Program

At Crystal Care, we are committed to ensuring that our patients enjoy their independence as much as possible, all while respecting, caring for, and treating them with the utmost kindness and compassion.

Our attendants all work under a designated Supervisor who both the patient and attendant have 24/7 access to.

Skilled Nursing Services Provided Only By Qualified Staff

Our skilled nurses are experienced and certified to provide care and maintain their independence and quality of life comfortably delivered in the comfort of homes.

Physiotherapy, nurse and elderly couple with exercise, smile and teamwork goal for health, wellness

What Our Clients Say

We are always open to both positive and negative feedback. Below is what our patients have shared about their experience with us.

"We are delighted with the services that CCHH offers, everyone has been doing a great job and we sincerely appreciate your openness.
Joined 2021
Current Patient
"I am super thankful for what our supervisors at Crystal Care have provided for both myself & my attendant. They provide us with supplies and always check to see if we need anything"
Joined 2016
Current Patient
I have been with Crystal Care for year and not once have they made me feel like my questions weren't answered or they didnt listen to my needs and requests. My supervisor is great.
Joined 2019
Current Patient

Get In Touch With Us

You can get in touch with us by phone or email, as well as following us on our social media handles. We will happily respond to your questions and advise where necessary.